Mamma Mia 2 filming locations on island Vis

Where was the movie Mamma Mia 2 filmed? In Croatia, on the island of Vis!

The sequel was to be filmed on the Greek island of Skopelos, but this time the producers moved the location to the beautiful and  remote Croatian island of Vis, in the heart of the Adriatic Sea

The mysterious and irresistible island of Vis – a paradise island with one of the world’s finest beaches, Stiniva. An island that has been partly isolated as a military island for almost half a century, something that has been a disadvantage has now become an asset. Vis is an island of untouched nature, a treat for lovers of Robinson tourism, and as such it has not been missed by Hollywood producers. Already, after the first sight at the island, the producers immediately estimated that Vis would perfectly play the role of the Greek island, on which the previous sequel to this global movie hit was filmed.

The filmmakers, present at the shootings, were satisfied with the cooperation with the local authorities and the local population, their amiability, professionalism and kindness, which was truly “up to the task”. And everyone was involved, there is no home or family on the island who did not participate in the film, which, in the summer of 2018, was the most viewed film of the season.

How to get to the island Vis?
More information about ferry lines, bus timetables, taxi services, places where you can rent a car, a scooter, or a bicycle can be found in our FAQs.

Looking for accommodation on the island of Vis?
While filming Mamma Mia 2 on the island of Vis, a film production crew was staying at some of our accommodations. Our team is made up of several renters from the Komiža area, and we stand out as renters that have earned a status of a Superhost on Airbnb, thanks to our hospitality and reviews of satisfied guests. We live on the island all year, love this island, and with you, dear guests, we want to share the experiences and joy of living in this small part of paradise. We have prepared several apartments and holiday homes for you. Take a look at our offer and choose your accommodation, fall in love with our Komiža and share with us your experiences:
Apartments Komiža Live like a local – Unique Vis island homes.

When is the best time to visit Vis?
If you are coming to the island of Vis for the summer swimming season, love high air and sea temperatures, be sure to come in July and August. During the summer, temperatures on the island of Vis are generally between 30 and 35 degrees but can reach up to 40 degrees. Sea temperatures in June are generally around 23 degrees, and in July and August they reach up to 27 degrees.

To visit the locations of Mamma Mia 2 film shooting, the best time to visit and tour the island of Vis, is May and June, before the main season, or during September and October, in post season, when the temperatures are more comfortable and when the island is less crowded and much quieter.

September and October still offer warm sea for swimming (22 – 25 degrees), and comfortable air temperatures for enjoying the beach and hiking (25 – 30 degrees). On the island of Vis, accommodation and food prices are certainly more than acceptable, you do not have to be with a deep pocket to afford a vacation on our island, especially if you come out of season, in the recommended months.

How long to stay on the island of Vis?
The length of your stay is up to your choice, but we definitely recommend a minimum stay of 3 days. For better experience of the whole island, and all that it has to offer, we recommend a stay of 7 days or more, because the island of Vis is not only the Blue Cave, it is not only the location of the film Mamma Mia, it is not only the best beach in Europe – Stiniva. The island of Vis can offer you much more, which definitely can’t fit in just 3 days. You can also see some more of our offer on our website: What to See, Active Holidays, Vis Island Beaches, Geotrails.

About Mamma Mia
Everybody who watched the first part of the film, knows that the plot takes place at the small and beautiful Greek island Kalokairi – Donna, the main character, lives on the island, inviting all her friends to her daughter Sophie’s wedding. In the second part of the movie 10 years have passed, and everybody meets again at the opening ceremony of the hotel, in memory of Donna. In this sequel to the Hollywood hit, the plot takes a spectator on a walk through time, back and forth, intertwining events from the past and present. Young Sophie struggles with the challenges of her pregnancy, but finds encouragement in her mother Donna’s story.

All the inhabitants of Vis island, engaged in the filming of the sequel to this Hollywood hit, after the world premiere, had their own island premiere on July 24, 2018, in Komiža and Vis, where, along with the younger cast members, some of the producers were also present.  Numerous lodgers and boat renters, as well as the various service providers to Hollywood production, had the opportunity, among the first in the world, to see the movie “Mamma Mia”!

Mamma Mia 2, shooting locations

If you are a fan of Mamma Mia movies or you are just visiting Vis, we offer you an overview of several major locations on the island where this movie was shot:

1. Ferry Port – Vis

Do you remember the scenes when almost everyone comming to the island had to talk to a guy at the border checkpoint?
All those scenes were filmed in the port of the town of Vis

Ferry port, Vis

2. Scenes on the beach – Barjoška bay

Most of the beach scenes (scenes when people start arriving at the island, as well as the ones when young Donna sets foot on it) are filmed at the Barjoška bay. In fact, this cove was a prime location for shooting the film.

Interesting fact: even new roads and paths were built in the bay for the purpose of filming.

Beach in the bay Barjoska

3. Greek Market – Vis

The colorful Greek market appears quite often in the movie – Donna buying new clothes, Sam trying to find Donna, and a lot of other scenes are filmed at this location. In reality, this ‘Greek’ market is located in the town of Vis. The door of the pizzeria ”Dionis”, and the surrounding stairs leading to the marketplace were the main locations.

Interesting fact: All the fruits and dishes sold at the market the film crew imported directly from Greece, to guarantee authenticity.

4. 300 people dancing to Abba song – Barjaci Bay

The biggest performance of the famous Abba song has been filmed in Barjaci – north of Barjoška bay. In the former Yugoslavia, the Barjaci area was an artillery battery.

5. Church where local fisherman Alexio gets his bride – Vis

Young Donna and Bill are helping local fisherman Alexio to get to the church where the love of his life is to be married. Alexio and his sweetheart manage to escape.

The church of St. Jerome, seen in the background, is located on the Prirovo peninsula, as well as the Franciscan monastery, just a few minutes walk from the port in the town of Vis.

Franciscan monastery, Church of St. Jerome, Vis

6. Greek Tavern – Komiža

Harry and Bill having dinner in a Greek tavern where they meet the fisherman Alexio. The tavern is very attractive because of the amazing view of the beach. This restaurant also exists in reality, but it is not a Greek tavern. It is a restaurant – ”Jastožera”, in the town of Komiža on the island Vis. The place is popular and well known among yachtsmen. If you are lucky enough, you may be able to book a table with the same view as in the scene from the movie. Alternatively, you can dine in the taverns ”Barba” or ”Bako”, restaurants right next to the ”Jastožera”, and have a great view from the outside.

Tavern Jastozera, Komiza

7. Young Donna and Sam – a boat ride in front of Stiniva Bay

Sam remembers his first boat ride with Donna. The stunning scenery in the background belongs to the best beach in Europe in 2016, Stiniva Bay. The best view of this beach is from the hilltop road – get ready for hiking down/up the steep and rather hard path, or visit this beach by boat.

Beach Stiniva

8. Young Donna and Sam walking in the moonlight – Srebrena Beach

The beach at Srebrena Bay served as the perfect, romantic spot to shoot the scenes of young Donna and Sam strolling in the moonlight.

Beach Srebrena

You like exploring the locations of films made in Croatia? Come to Vis island and explore filming locations of  ‘Mamma Mia 2’.

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Unique Vis island homes

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By visiting our site, you may begin searching the accommodation we offer. Each unit has the type designation and the capacity, as well as the detailed description, equipment and the location on the map, and we highly recommend to read the comments the previous guests have posted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dear guests, and you who are about to become, during our years of experience in renting business and numerous encounters with you, dear people, from all the parts of the world, we were often asked almost some same questions. Hereby, we have prepared the information most requested. In case you do not find the information, you were looking for, or you need additional advice, feel free to contact us – we will be glad to help you.

Bus lines on Vis island

There is a regular direct bus connection between towns of Komiža and Vis, several times a day, including the line that is related to ferry and catamaran arrival and/or departure for/from Split.

Bus to Komiža is located at the Vis port, right side from the ferry ramp, and leaves after the arrival of ferry/catamaran. The drive takes about fifteen minutes. 

The tickets you buy on the bus directly from the bus driver, cash only. The price varies (off-season – summer season) 20 – 25 kuna.

Besides the direct line Vis-Komiža-Vis, there is the local line that drives through and connects the villages in the inner part of the island: Podšpilje, Marinje Zemlje, Žena Glava and Rukavac.

The valid bus timetable you will find at the bus stop in the port of Vis and at the bus stop in Komiža. The timetable changes several times a year, depending on the ferry/catamaran lines.

Car park and mechanic

Ifyou arearriving to Komiža by car, it is important to know that the centre is not allowed for vehicles. You could leave your car at the guarded car park, some 200m from the very centre, at a reasonable fee.

  • Car park ‘Rogači’, address: Komiških iseljenika 4, Komiza.


If you are in a need of a car mechanic, there are several in the town of Vis, well equipped for the eventual needs of your ‘beamer’ .

  • Car mechanic ‘CIPULIN’, address: Kranjčevićeva 14, Vis.
    GSM: +385(0)98 287 527
  • Car mechanic ‘CLIFF’, address: Zagrebačka bb, Vis.
    GSM: +385(0)98 784 610
  • Car mechanic ‘VATRICA’: address: Dubrovačka 13, Vis.
    GSM: +385(0)91 2766 130

Car, scooter, bike and boat rentals

  • Rent a car, scooter ‘Porat’
    Address: Hrvatskih mučenika 11, Komiža.
    GSM:+385 (0) 91 2713 518
  • Tourist Agency „Darlic & Darlic“: car, scooter and bike rental. Address: Ul. Hrvatskih mučenika 8, Komiža.
    GSM: +385 (0) 98 784 664
    Web: „Darlic i Darlic“
  • Tourist agency „Blue cave”: car, scooter, boat and bike rental. Address:Trg kralja Tomislava 10, Komiža.
    GSM: +385 (0) 91 520 3790
    Web: „Blue Cave“
  • Rent a boat „Zdenkica“: boat rental and taxi boat
    Address: Riva sv. Mikule bb, Komiža.
    GSM: +385 (0) 97 77 33 797
    Web: “ Zdenkica“
  • Rent a scooter „Goli“:
    Address: Ul. Vinka Foretića 9, Komiža
    GSM: +385(0)91 894 5568

Coffee shops, restaurants and pizzerias, shops

  • Taverns/konobe: Barba, Bako, Robinson,Jasmina, Koluna
  • Restaurants: Jastožera, Fish restaurant/Riblji restoran, Fabrika
  • Pizzeria: Charly,Hum
  • Pastry shop: Komiža, Cukar
  • Coffee shop: Corto Malteze, Orion,Speed, Škor, Keke
  • Grocery shop: Mini market ‘Komiža’, Golubjera, Studenac
  • Shop with nautical equipment: Frone trade, Perna
  • Green Market: here, at the local producers stall you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables as well as homemade jams, liqueurs, wine, olive oil, capers, essential oils and other local products. More on local producers and products you can find on our page: Click with homemede  


In Croatia the official currency is the kuna (KN). 1Kuna = 100 lipa. Commonly circulated banknotes come in denominations of 200, 100, 50, 20 and 10 kuna. You’ll find silver-coloured five, two and one kuna, and 50 and 20 lipa coins, and bronze-coloured 10 lipa coins.

In Komiža there are Erste Bank and Pošta (Post office), where you can either withdraw or exchange money. There are also several ATMs in Komiža where you can withdraw money.
Most shops and restaurants accept credit cards.

Fish market

In Komiža you can buy fish at the fish market ‘Davor’, where hospitable, expert salesmen offer a great choice of fresh fish, sea food and clams from the Adriatic Sea.

Fish market ‘Davor’ you can find at the address: Trg kralja Tomislava 5, Komiza. On their fb page you could easily get informed of a day’s offer and book a desired choice:

Web: Fish market ‘Davor’

Gas station

There is only one gas station on the island, INA, in the town of Vis.
Address: Šetalište stare Isse 24, Vis. Phone: +385(0)21 711 176

GSM: +385 (0) 91 4971 255

Payment option: INA card, DC, EC/MC,VISA, DISCOVER, MOL.
Here, you can supply your vessel (seagoing draught to 2,5m)

  • Working hours during the summer season
    (from 1st June to 30th September) 07:00 – 21:00
  • Working hours during the off season
    (from 30th September to 1st June): 07:00 – 16:00

Hairdresser, laundry

In Komiža and Vis town, there are several hairdressers for women and men as well as a barbershop open during the whole tourist season.

  • Professsional Hairdresser & Barbershop:
    Address: Ribarska 50, Komiža. GSM: +385 (0) 98 784 615
  • Hair salon “Foka” : GSM: +385(0)91 576 8131

Professional and fast washing and ironing service provides the laundry in Vis town

  • Laundry you can find at the address: Trg 30.svibnja 1992, Vis
    GSM: +385 (0)92 189 1941

Health Care/Doctor’s offices

In Komiža and in the town of Vis, there are general practitioner (GP) and family practice (FP) doctor’s offices, as well as the dentist’s office.

For emergency cases – doctor on duty cell phone
GSM: +385 (0) 91 40 10 148

Dentist: GSM: +385 (0) 21 640 095

Pharmacy in Komiža is in the vicinity to the infirmary/doctor’s offices/.
Address: San Pedra 13, Komiža
Phone: +385(0)21 713 445

How to arrive to the island of Vis?

Island of Vis, with the island of Lastovo, is the furthest inhabited island in Croatian Adriatic. To the mainland Vis is connected by regular car ferry and a fast ship line/catamaran.

The ferry ride from Split to Vis lasts 2 hours and 20 minutes.

The catamaran ride takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. Catamaran boards passengers only.

Car ferry and catamaran lines between Split and Vis (and vice versa), during the summer season, are rather frequent (3-4 times a day). The tickets could be bought in advance – online, or at the Jadrolinija Agency in Split and Vis, before the departure.

Sailing schedule, prices and other information are available on the Jadrolinija web-site: Jadrolinija

When departing by your car to Vis, it is important to know that, when at the port in Split, you have to park your car in the queue for the ferry minimum one hour in advance. During the high season, it is rather crowded at the port, and if you have bought a reservation – a ticket, it is recommended that you park your car earlier (go get coffee/lunch in the meanwhile…) and return to the car 30 min before the ferry is due to go.

Note: catamaran from Split to Vis and from Vis to Split:

  • Tuesdays sails via town of Hvar – on the island of Hvar
  •  Wednesdays sails via Milna – on the island of Brač

Off season: Split → Vis

Pon 11:00 *15:00 18:30
Uto 11:00 *15:00 18:30
Sri 11:00 *15:00 18:30
Čet 11:00 *15:00 18:30
Pet 10:00 17:00 *20:30
Sub 11:00 *15:00 18:30
Ned 11:00 *15:00# 18:30#

Off season: Vis → Split

Pon 5:30 *7:00 15:30
Uto 5:30 *7:00 15:30
Sri 5:30 *7:00 15:30
Čet 5:30 *7:00 15:30
Pet 5:30 *7:00 14:00
Sub 5:30 *7:00 15:30
Ned 7:30 *13:00# 15:30#

Notice: #Trajekt: U razdoblju od 01.01.-24.02. i 01.12.-31.12., nedjeljom i blagdanom trajekt isplovljava iz Visa u 16:30 sati, a iz Splita u 19:00 sati. Dana 25.12. ne održava se putovanje s polaskom iz Splita u 11:00 i iz Visa u 16:30 # Katamaran: U razdoblju od 01.03 - 27.06. i 02.09. -30.11 utorkom iz Visa katamaran isplovljava u 7:15 sati, nedjeljom i blagdanom katamaran iz Visa isplovljava u 18:00 sati. U istom razdoblju polazak katamarana iz Splita, utorkom u 15:15 sati, a nedjeljom i blagdanom u 19:45 sati. Osim u periodu od 31.05. - 27.06. & 02.09. - 29.09. katamaran iz Splita isplovljava u 20:00 sati.

Library, open-air cinema and museum

In the very centre of Komiža there is a library named after a prominent Croatian writer Ranko Marinković, born in the town of Vis. In the library there are also the titles in foreign languages.

The library is at the address: Komiških iseljenika 1, Komiza.
Phone: +385(0)21 713 216


In the towns of Komiža and Vis, there are also interesting open-air cinemas. During the hot summer nights, the open-air cinema under the starry skies, definitely has a certain charm and a touch of romance.

In particular, the cinema in Komiža is one of the oldest cinemas in Croatia, and presents unavoidable part of a cultural offer in Komiža. Although being among the oldest, this cinema is equipped with modern digital devices – thanks to this, there are always the most recent film titles on the programme. (there is more on Mediteran cinema fb page)

Web: Cinema/Kino Mediteran

Open-air cinema, address: Hrvatskih mučenika 17, Komiza


Fisherman’s Museum, Komiža: This museum contains a rich collection of original items of fishing boats and fishing equipment belonging to the fishermen from Komiža, for centuries known as the best masters in the Adriatic Sea. There is also a displayed collection of fishing tools, used for fish processing, highly developed in the past. Amongst the exhibits, a special attention is drawn by a replica of the famous Komiža’s fishing boat – Falkuša.

Address: Riva sv. Mikule 4, Komiža. Phone: +385(0)21 713 019

Archaeological Museum, Vis: The museum is housed in “Batarija”, the main fortress built by Austrians, during their rule at the 19th -century. This museum has the largest collection of amphoras in Croatia. It is particularly interesting to admire the collection, uniquely exhibited in the same way as arranged in the ship’s lower deck, when transported across the Adriatic.

In the museum, there is a collection of Hellenistic monuments, among the largest ones in Croatia, and the artefacts from the prehistoric times.

In the museum there is also the Ethnographic Section showing the exhibits from the local people’s lifestyle – the items that tell the stories about the fishing, the wine growing, habitation, etc.

Address: Viškog boja 12, Vis. Phone: +385(0)21 711 729
GSM: +385(0)91 799 0276

Sport, recreation and diving centres

The island of Vis is quite an adventure. In case that your holiday consists not only of swimming and sunbathing, and you like a taste of adrenaline and action, Vis is your right choice. Sport admirers could choose between paragliding, windsurfing, kayaking, biking/cycling, stand up paddling, hiking and trekking in surrounding nature along the marked trails, cricket, and numerous excursions on the island or to the nearby islands, all the way to the Diomed’s Island – Palagruža. There are trips to Blue Cave, too, organized daily.

Detailed information on sport activities, trips/excursions and even more, you could find on our site under sections: What to see and Active holiday


Till 1995, island of Vis was a big military base. Army left, but what remained is the labyrinth of underground tunnels, the rocket base Stupišće near Komiža, military tunnel and the command base Vela Glava. There is also unavoidable Titova špilja/Tito’s Cave, the Marshal’s dwelling place during 1944. (WW2) – there is the increasing interest in military tours, offered by several agencies in Komiža and Vis town.

If you are interested in Vis Military Tour, tourist agency Alternatura organizes such trips. More about the Tour, as well as the booking you could find on the site:

Web: Alternatura, Military Tour

Address: Hrvatskih mučenika 2, Komiža
GSM: +385(0)91 945 8003


On the island of Vis there are several football fields, and basketball and tennis courts.

The Vis Island Cricket Club (named after Sir William Hoste) is the one among the only three clubs existing in Croatia. Founded back in 1809. carries the title of the oldest cricket club in Europe, outside (except) United Kingdom.
If you are interested, you could play cricket at Plisko Polje/address: Plisko Polje 17
GSM: +385(0)98 303 483


The waters around the island of Vis are rich in diving locations. If you would love to enjoy the submarine landscapes, you could dive on the northern side of the island and find out particularly rich submarine world. Except the natural beauties of the submarine world of the island, there are many traces of the rich and turbulent history Vis abounds in. At some twenty locations, it is possible to see sunken ships, airplanes, submarines…at the depth of only 12m to deeper 75m, which makes this underwater world the most attractive in this part of the Adriatic.
The Vis’ undersea you could admire with several well-equipped diving centres:

  • Issa Diving Centre: Address – Ribarska 91, Komiža
    GSM: +385(0)91 201 2731
  • B-24 Diving Centre: Address – Obala Pape Aleksandra III 8, Komiža
    GSM: +385(0)91 766 1415
  • Manta Diving: Address – Pod Gospu b.b.; Komiža
    GSM: +385(0)98 443 283

Taxi service

From Vis to Komiža (and vice versa) you may, also, arrive by a taxi – there are many taxi drivers available in the port of Vis.

Taxi service in Komiža is at the end of Riva/waterfront, in the harbour – you could also call one of the given cell phone numbers:

  •  TAXI – NIKOLA – GSM:+385(0)91 1623 177
  •  TAXI – TONKO  – GSM:+385(0)98 9556 908


Vis is one of the rare islands in the Adriatic having its own potable spring water. It is worth visiting (and seeing) the beaches where you could drink fresh water directly from its spring: The Kamenice beach, and Pizdica/Pištica beach (the old local name), where the water springs out of the rock right to the sea. Almost all the beaches have the fresh water springs in their shallow parts, you could feel that while swimming in somewhat colder sea, which is the sign that you have found another spring.

Water on the island is of extremely high quality, which is rare for a karst area – it is safe both for drinking and preparing food. Interesting detail is that this water is pumped by electric pumps from great depths, the unbelievable 170m, which is some fifteen metres beyond the sea level.